Start The Smoker

Now you have something to do while cooking that brisket. It’s time to join our blazing fast fiber network!

Internet at the speed of light, up to 1Gbps.

WiFi Included. No more router lease fees.

Real people, not actors. Get true technical assistance when you need it.

Start service without the need to schedule an installation.

No data caps, use what you want.

What are you going to do with all this new-found time?

We took the wait out of downloads, the pause out of streaming, and the freeze out of live.

Internet Speed Examples

A Gigabit home today.

No need to make the tradeoff of speed. Unlock your smart home and enjoy the new-found freedom of watering your lawn from Cancun. Watch a live stream of your dog enjoying the pool while you’re at the office or check the fridge to see if your husband drank all your tea. Hint, he did.

Internet for Business: We’ll get you connected, check out our business services.

The best TV is already here!

All your favorite shows are already streaming online. Catch live sports, local news, the newest drama, live or on-demand. Watch what you want, how you want, and where you want.

The best TV is already here.

Netflix®, Hulu®, Amazon Video®, and Playstation Vue® are the registered trademark of their respective companies. Lonestar Fiber is not associated with or sponsored by these companies.

Do you own a building?: Let us light up your property with Texas’ own Lone Star Fiber.